Learn How To Use a Grand Jury As An Offensive Weapon

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Assault Weapons Law: Offensive Use of the Grand Jury

  • A two day seminar that teaches what to do when government officials violate the law, thus violate their oaths of office and violate your rights.
  • The average citizen does not know they have a legal right to petition a Grand Jury when a government official has violated a law. This seminar teaches the functions of Grand Jury; how to file “Pro Se” (do it yourself) complaints & pleadings; how to sue Court Law Clerks and Court Staff Attorneys who deny you reasonable access to your complaint being heard by a Grand Jury.
  • You will learn law dating back to the 17th Century England and how it has moved forward through the American Jurisprudence of today, and the techniques to use these case citations in the motions and pleading you file.
  • Learn Mike Brown’s “Judge Busting” techniques.
  • This seminar was recorded on May 18-19, 2002 in Kansas City, MO.
  • The entire Seminar and 175+ page Course Workbook will be sent to you on a Flash Drive for easy access and study.
  • Cost: $399


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