by Demetrius E. Flenory, Big Meech

Dear Loyal Supporters,

I would like to sincerely thank each and every one of you for staying loyal during these dire times and for your continuous support, efforts, concerns, and many gifts that have helped me maintain and keep in good spirits under these present conditions. I am equally amazed at the amount of people who took a personal look into my federal case, like for instance Lloyd Thompson and the author of this book, Mike Brown. Both Lloyd and Mike reached out to me a few years ago, before I could complain to anyone else about my over-all case situation. They are also totally convinced that I am actually innocent of all those false and misleading accusations and aware of the fraudulent use of the law and the ongoing threats that were directly and indirectly advanced by federal agents, prosecutors, and others during the times they kept me under a constant 23 hour per day lockdown, for over 3 years, for no other apparent reason than to induce me unlawfully into pleading guilty.

Anybody who has been through these same experiences can attest to the fact that being placed under a 23 hour per day lockdown during pretrial and sentencing stages hampers your access to any relevant legal books and documents or, within some facilities, a workable but limited access legal computer that you may have to share with about 100 to 150 inmates confined in each cell block or dormitory style unit. You also have limited use of the telephone per week, especially during office hours when some attorneys could be reached, and that of itself can be another ongoing problem.

Moreover, the living conditions in most facilities are not suitable for humans, including food, clothing, bedding, and proper medical care, just to name a few. Sometimes I wonder if the authorities are really interested in changing people for the better or for the worse. Furthermore, what really bothers me to hear and sometimes was able to view at times for myself, is that all of our beautiful and unfortunate incarcerated women are all suffering under much worse conditions than we men are. It really hurts me to think that this great country of ours would treat our women like that. I personally feel that something needs to be done about this and I mean like real soon!

These kind of things run deep with me because ever since my childhood days, I always have had compassion for people facing adversity or struggling to make a living, especially our women. I felt it was never right for someone to be living without the proper necessities or homeless. In fact, I made it my life’s journey to help those in need whenever I was able. Most of what BMF was known to represent was helping people who were going through various types of struggles in their lives. We help a lot of people directly and indirectly to fulfill positive dreams. This is why so many people of all ages, race, cultures and communities wanted to be a part of the BMF movement.

For example, whenever we went out to clubs or other events to promote our BMF Entertainment Group we volunteered our services to complement other independent recording artists, record labels, or entertainment groups to either help them achieve their very own respective individual or collective goals or just to keep them relevant.

Sometimes our promotional events were hosted at strip clubs where in turn we also enjoyed the full atmosphere. And, when you heard we “MADE IT RAIN” (this is slang for giving out a lot of tips), it wasn’t necessarily just for our own personal entertainment but this was also our way of helping a lot of struggling women directly or indirectly who were trying their best to live and survive honestly.

There are a lot of people who don’t understand that there are a lot of really good women that join these types of entertainment/business establishments to support a greater interest like caring for their loved ones, paying for college education and other forms of vocational programs.

Moreover, they pay taxes. So in a sense, supporting them is also another way of supporting our community, etc.

Based on some of the above subject matter, this may not seem like the normal type of an introduction you might find in a legal book based, in part, on showing how an individual, such as myself, had been wronged by the legal system. However, when you have an outrageous number of people throughout the years whose Constitutional (supposed) rights have been dishonestly trampled on by our courts and then totally ignored by “our” [so-called] elected representatives, who were put in Congress with our votes and money, this alone has shown me that my problem with the courts is far greater a problem than just mine.

Because of this, let me formally introduce you to “DEFENDING A DRUG CASE” by Micheal H. Brown, who is a true patriot, a proven friend, one who knows and clearly understands why there are so many of us being scandalized, disenfranchised, divided and then warehoused.

Mike came to visit Lloyd and me, in an effort to explain what needs to be done to make this legal system work the way it was originally designed and set up by Congress to run. Judges were supposed to follow their former precedent and to adhere to the Constitution.

I was able to gather from our discussion and my observations throughout all my years of incarceration, that the overall problem that needs to be fixed exists in Congress because it gave the courts both the power and the rules to operate under and Congress is responsible for allowing these judges who are constantly abusing their powers to go unchecked. In other words, what Congress intended in its legislation of how a particular law was to be enforced is not what the courts are abiding by (unless this was some kind of secret agreement the public was not to be informed about).

Moreover, Congress has been allowing (for some strange reason) the federal courts to legislate laws from the bench, which should only be the duty of Congress. I believe that anytime you see an organized group of people, like our Congress, lose sight of their original agenda and become noticeably dysfunctional, it can only mean one thing—they had to be infiltrated by another organized group with a different agenda.

It seems that several hard core organized groups found a way to worm their way into our communities and government and whose sole agenda is to benefit from the prisoners, their families and friends. These groups are using the prison industries for slave labor, the prison commissaries to create monopolies to sell third rate products at first rate prices, and kickbacks from the telephone systems.

These groups are also using our votes and contributions or the lack of votes and contributions to place their very own representatives in Congress to help them enrich themselves through the benefit of our tax dollars. Tax dollars not only pay their wages and give them other forms of kickbacks but also give them the power to legislate laws and certain types of procedural court rules that would only help them gather up more people to become their future inmates/slaves/customers.

We actually have the complete power to correct this problem through our votes and contributions! We can run our very own campaign to support those we want to represent us in Congress. That is, to vote into office those we strongly believe will represent our various interests. For example, they need to enforce our Constitutional and statutory rights. We could start by “HELPING BIG MEECH MAKE IT RAIN” with our votes and direct contributions to drive out those corrupt politicians and make it rain on the ones we strongly believe will benefit us. We need to stop placing our tax dollars and votes in the wrong hands!

Join me on this quest and remember always that “Loyalty is not just a word it’s a lifestyle!”

Love and Respect always!