About Michael H. Brown

Michael H. BrownMike Brown is an ex-felon, who has personal, hands-on experience with jails, prisons, lawyers, prosecutors, judges and the corrupt court system.

In September 1974 Mike was arrested by the Federal government and sentenced to 25 years in federal prison.

Mike is an avid reader and spent his prison time in the law library reading law books and educating himself on how the legal system 'really' works. He worked on his case and successfully got his sentence of 25 years reduced to a 10 year sentence and then down to a 5 year sentence. He was released in January 1978, spending less than 4 years on an original 25 year sentence.

While incarcerated, Mike also worked on cases for other inmates and developed the reputation of being a 'Jailhouse Lawyer'. The very first case he worked on he won for the man, Cox vs Benson, 548 F2d 186 (7th Cir. 1977). That win was an inspiration for Mike and the beginning of a long record of wins in his legal career.

ForĀ 40+ years Mike has fought the corruption that exists in the legal system and he has spent countless hours, days, and years developing an eye for finding loopholes and breaking indictments.